The advancement and the maturing of the internet gave rise to cloud computing services that helped both smaller and bigger companies alike to rent ‘servers’ or computing resources on per second basis, at the same time provided the option for upgrading with few clicks. However, with the passage of time issues surrounding cloud computing services started being realized. These issues encompassed monopoly of a few large players threatening to consume the entire server hosting market, problems related to data ownership and security, failure of reduction of expenditure of businesses and popping up of underutilized ‘zombie’ servers. In order to address these growing concerns, Unchainet was created. It brought about an entirely innovative and secure approach to the cloud computing services. This platform integrates the blockchain technology to create an open source software that is comprised of a support network of individuals, companies with underutilized data centers, hosting providers, and of course, ‘ex-cryptocurrency miners’, thus bringing to the forefront a completely new world of cloud computing.

Why Unchainet platform?

This platform provides an easy access to renting and buying of computing resources to all providers, clients and developers. The high quality and optimum security of the platform that can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world is something of truly remarkable value. It enables providers to install this platform to their hardware. Installation can be done on bare-metal or virtual machines present on the existing environment. Clients are provided with Unchainet web console access and CLI or a cloud provider with UI. Some of the unique features provided by this platform to its clients are “eventual availability”, “guaranteed availability”, and “long term booking”.

Developers can get the best out of this platform

This platform is specially designed for developers so that they can smoothly run a single container, shell scripts, or kurbernets configurations on the Unchainet cloud. It also enables the inclusion of programming language choice, data storage structure choice and choice of public or anonymous transactions. Developers can use this platform for a very fast and secure transaction and creation of a blockchain application which is absolutely new.

How Unchainet combines cloud computing

The Unchainet platform combines the open source technologies and the QoS chain which helps this platform to compete with large cloud providers. The QoS chain can monitor the individual node quality, in the process allowing Unchainet to serve mission critical workload.

Efficient Cryptocurrency payments

The platform integrates a cryptocurrency known as UNET, this is an ethereum based ERC20 token and works along with Unchainet blockchain main network. It is build in a way so that it can migrate to a 1:1 ratio to ultimately become a native token moving away from the ERC20 protocols. The UNET token promotes a very fast and secure transaction with the help of the proprietary blockchain engine.

Unchainet is a breakthrough in the field of cloud based computing services. It has brought along with it a commitment to bring about security, transparency, efficiency and minimal expenditure. Thus your investment in UNET will help to facility a new age in decentralized cloud computing all while reducing energy consumption and costs.


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