Ripple, one of the leading blockchain-based companies in the field, was flooded with allegations of insider trading after XRP was listed on Coinbase. However, even the generally supportive XRP community raised some questions after Ripple’s website went down for a few hours.

Twitter user @LeoHadjiloizou was the first to spot and post this on Twitter, suggesting that this could be a move for Ripple to prove that XRP is not a security. He also stated that this would put the “if Ripple disappears, the XRPL will continue to work” theory to test.

While some like @mick10572319  joked about the company “Had our money and gone lol 😆,”  @LeoHadjiloizou was quick to reply, saying that the website must be updating.

However, @mick10572319 replied,

“More than likely, but I run a minuscule business at the side of Ripple , when my website is down I can always manage to put a message up saying “Site down for maintenance #justsayin”

These speculations led to a majority of XRP supporters claiming that Ripple and XRP were independent of each other, and that the third largest token was ‘truly decentralized’. Twitter user @DiepSanh said,

“Ripple’s website is down!

Ripple went away

XRP is still being traded


Many joined the bandwagon, except a few who commented that the website being down had no relation to XRP’s trading performance. @Ajaz_86 said,

“Not a ripple or xrp hater but just to point out this whole “ripple is down -amp; xrp is still trading” doesn’t prove anything. It’s common to have the front end of your website hosted separately. It was a temporary outage and its back, nothing more to it.”

The website was up and running after a few hours, but that did not stop people from being curious about why the website was down in the first place. @DiepSanh informed people about the site being active again and said,

“Ripple’s website is now back online

Let’s dig into their website to see if we can find any new updates

I have a feeling they have added or removed some piece of information”

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