Coin Bit Global had initially announced on all media platforms that the exchange will start functioning from April 30th, but they recently postponed the date of opening of the exchange to 11th of May.

The Coin Bit Global is a centralized exchange which has plans to offer its users more secure exchange with high tech security, 24-hour customer support, updated charts, and data analysis of the crypto coins. According to the company, the reason for its delay in opening is that it’s updating the security to save its users from hacks and provide a better user experience.

The exchange has released a list of 50 cryptocurrencies which could be exchanged on their platform. These currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, etc. The new exchange wants to make a name amongst its competitors with a fast exchange.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The market in the last couple of days has been bearish which has affected the total market cap and have put a stop on the growth rates of cryptocurrencies. The new exchange with its glittery, multi-featured platform might just make it easier for transactions to take place which in turn will help the market come out of its bearish outlook now, speculate many crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Stellar in addition to the announcement of its enlistment on the new exchange, Coin Bit Global has announced a give away of 10000 Ethereum tokens as a part of its huge promotions lined up with the enlistment of the coin on the new exchange.

A Stellar community member commented:

“Try to add it on coinfield”

Roma Polyachenko commented:

“Let us know something more interesting. Adding all these small exchanges does not look like a big progress at all and does not affect the price”

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