Garmin and its Tacx indoor training brand have announced the NEO 2T Smart, billed as the company’s most powerful and intuitive indoor cycling trainer to date. Engineered to simulate an outdoor ride as realistically and quietly as possible, the NEO 2T Smart features a redesigned motor, enhanced performance analytics and more.

“The innovative NEO 2T Smart raises the bar on indoor bike training with one of the most quiet, realistic and accurate trainers available on the market today,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales. “With a redesigned rear axle, it is compatible with additional bikes, allowing more cyclists around the world to train indoors when they prefer.”

Redesigned magnets boost the overall stillness of the NEO 2T Smart, helping to reduce noise and vibration during use. In addition, the motor delivers more power and generates higher resistance levels while measuring data accurately to within a claimed 1%. To help cyclists improve their power distribution and cycling performance, the bike trainer is equipped with capacitive left and right sensors that accurately measure leg position.

Added standard ANT+ cycling dynamics allow riders to analyze their pedal stroke via third party software, including the software on Garmin Edge bike computers.

The NEO 2T Smart reacts to speed or incline changes. It also features dynamic inertia, which controls a rider’s mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination – while descent simulation imitates a downhill drive. Using the Tacx software or Zwift app lets cyclists experience the road feel feature, allowing the trainer to vibrate and simulate the feeling of riding on different surfaces such as cobblestone and gravel.

The NEO 2T Smart is compatible with several training apps, allowing cyclists to ride famous routes using the Tacx software, take on the virtual worlds of Zwift or use other platforms such as TrainerRoad.

The Tacx indoor training software includes a library filled with more than 100 videos that let cyclists ride the steep hills of the Alps or the cobblestone roads of Milan. Users can take advantage of structured training plans, race against live opponents, upload GPS data and ride on 3D maps while also creating their own workouts based on slope, power, heart rate or FTP. Using the trainer in stand-alone mode, it will simulate a flat road. Here, the faster a cyclist rides, the higher the resistance.

Featuring a redesigned rear axle, the NEO 2T Smart is compatible with more bikes, without the need for adapters. Available in September 2019, the NEO 2T Smart has a suggested retail price of US$1,399.99.


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