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Hi All, This article provides you about live and useful updates about NEX — which is a decentralized exchange also called as DEX on NEO platform. This could be like EtherDelta for Ethereum. All kind fo NEO based tokens (NEP5 tokens) would be directly tradable from your wallet on this exchange.

NEX or NeonExchage are doing an ICO soon and details of their token sale are being teased starting today.

Following is the initial sneak peek they’ve given us today i.e. 13th January at 2:00PM EST via twitter.

Most common practices of good ICOs is

  1. Asking users to signup for whitelist
  2. Submit KYC/AML documents
  3. Process the documents and IDs to verify all compliance checklist
  4. Approve the whitelist and set a cap on maximum contribution to avoid whales accumulating.

So we hope the NeonExchange also does the same. I’ll be posting live updates via this article as well as on twitter. So do follow me on medium -amp; twitter for quick updates.

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