One of Cannondale’s most popular trail bikes has now been fitted with a new electric motor to add to its thrills

Cannondale Habit NEO
Frame BallisTec carbon
Suspension RockShox
Gear set SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed
Motor Bosch CX 250W

The Habit is Cannondale’s most popular trail bike. Despite its hardcore looks, it wasn’t built for the harshest mountain climbs (if that’s what gets you out of bed on a Sunday, you’d be better off considering the meatier Moterra). The Habit was designed for those easier but no less exciting fast and flowing rides down forest paths. To make your ride even more pleasant, Cannondale has now attached an electric motor to the Habit. The 250W Bosch drive unit provides plenty of torque and, coupled to a long-lasting 500Wh or 625Wh battery, it takes the worry out of running out of power midway into your adventure. The Habit has a super-strong BallisTec carbon frame that keeps mass to a minimum. Cannondale prioritises durability over ‘gram-counting’, which means the frame won’t fracture and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The motor and battery are placed low in the frame to keep the added weight centred and balanced. And one final design delight? The water bottle clicks neatly right into the front triangle.

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