One of the security vulnerabilities enabled attackers to trick exchanges into thinking they had deposited large sums of monero.

Several- security vulnerabilities have been disclosed by Monero, including one that could have been exploited to steal- xmr from- exchanges,- reports on the breach disclosure platform HackerOne revealed on July 3.

The vulnerability theoretically enabled attackers to send counterfeit xmr to an exchange. Once the- fraudster-rsquo;s account was credited, they could then convert it into other- coins and make a withdrawal, leaving the exchange out of pocket.

Describing the critical breach they uncovered, the lead developer for CUT coin added:

-ldquo;It is our belief that the vulnerability cannot be used to "mint" real, transactable monero out of thin air.-rdquo;

A bounty of 45 xmr (about $4,000) was paid to the developer for their efforts.

Most of the vulnerabilities recently disclosed to HackerOne were identified a few months ago, but they have since been resolved.

In April, monero developers- fixed a bug concerning the- Ledger hardware wallet that made it look like user funds had disappeared.

The- privacy-focused- altcoin is 14th in the- rankings of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization according to- CoinMarketCap.

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