Source: is a betting and gambling website which allows people to bet on vast categories of sports including horse racing, boxing, hockey, football, NBA, baseball, etc. The site also runs an online casino, a poker game for its users. The website announced yesterday that it is now accepting Altcoins for betting and gambling.

Notably, they are now accepting Litecoin which is priced at $139.09 at the time of writing. The announcement shocked a lot of people and filled them with rage as the website announced that it will accept three Altcoins, the other two Altcoins being Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, the people of both the cryptocurrencies’ communities were unhappy as the cryptocurrencies were categorized as Altcoins by Sportsbook.

In addition to this, a few crypto enthusiasts did not understand the point of a platform accepting multiple cryptocurrencies.

Nick Papageorgio commented on CEO of Litecoin, Charlie Lee’s tweet:

“The problem is that does not have a good reputation with regards to paying out money, so I’d be careful about promoting a sportsbook you’re not familiar with. D- rating from @SBRreview which is a group known for reviewing online sports books”

Daniel Weber commented humorously about Bitcoin Cash being categorized as Altcoin:

“At least they know that Bitcoin Cash is not the real Bitcoin! There you got it bcash is an altcoin :D”

A few were also happy with the announcement:

“That’s awesome. I’m an avid sports bettor and share my picks. Glad, more sports books accepting $LTC now too.”

Litecoin [LTC] in the last 24 hours rallies at 1.05% and the total market cap is just over $7.8 billion.

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