Warren, Harris should not

‘simmer down’ one iota

Re: “Howard Schultz should be recruited to run as a Dem,” “Perhaps Schultz can show Democrats the way back,” “Wealthy need more say in allocating their tax dollars” (Letters to the editor, Feb 5):

Marc Thiessen recently “mansplained” on the kind of people the Democrats should run for office and the kind of policies we should endorse (“Dems mad at Schultz for more than risking Trump’s reelection,” Eastbaytimes.com, Feb. 3). He advised Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren to “simmer down a bit,” and why taxing wealthy people is wrong.

Sorry, Marc, you are a Republican apologist, and you have no right to opine on the direction the Democratic Party should take.

We don’t need oligarchs to determine how much philanthropy they want to give us, we need just taxation to reverse the growing inequity caused by decreasing tax rates over the last 40 years, and a democratic decision-making process on how to spend our national wealth.

I don’t expect Marc Thiessen or Howard Schultz or any other billionaire to like it, and I don’t want Warren or Harris to simmer down one iota.

Deborah Bayer



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