IOTA Newsletter #3 — Smart Energy Ecosystem, modelling new business models -amp; Qubic

Driving DLT innovation in the smart energy ecosystem

The ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and the IOTA Foundation (IOTA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in experimentation with the IOTA Tangle in the Energy and related IoT domains. Together we will explore and test the possible use of IOTA in improving ENGIE’s business processes/products- and services applicable to Energy and adjacent areas such as smart cities, smart buildings and mobility. This will be done through joint Proofs of Concept and participation in collaborative IOTA initiatives.
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Recent News

Modelling new business models with IOTA
Explore the many use cases of Distributed Ledger Technology through miniature Volkswagen cities and LEGO toy trucks. From the automotive industry and across the entire global supply chain.
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Putting the Proof back in to Proof of Concept with IOTA
Watch the bIOTAsphere present how the insurance industry might be on the brink of a revolution. A future of only paying for actual usage is right around the corner.
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Resource Tests in Qubic
The Qubic Team at IOTA has been developing the concept of Quorum-Based Computations (QBCs) on the IOTA Tangle. The Qubic Protocol intends to establish a global decentralized platform for new trustless applications, allowing for new economic models, and enabling the broad landscape of Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0.
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