According to a Chinese media outlet,- EOS - is suffering from issues such as fairness and operational pressure. Some of the top coins in crypto space have been under tremendous pressure of sticking to the roadmap and achieving results. Despite marvelous efforts by their development teams, some problems continue to persist for most projects and coins.

EOS bearing the expectations of -ldquo;blockchain 3.0-rdquo;-

EOS has made some incredible progress in 2018 despite the market meltdown. The coin, itself, - has suffered a massive erosion of market capital, but it stuck to its roadmap and continued to #BUIDL. In no time EOS moved out of Ethereum shadow and launched its own MainNet and went on to create EOS created an ecosystem for Dapp-rsquo;s which was only second to Ethereum in terms of a number of Dapp-rsquo;s.

But all this came at a price which now stands as a wall of problems for EOS and according to a recent report released by the Chinese blockchain media, Odaily, the performance pressure has left EOS with problems like that of fairness and operational pressure. According to the report, the problems faced by EOS - include (loosely translated from Chinese):

  1. EOS, based on the consensus mechanism of DPoS, solves the problem of inefficiency, but the fairness has been questioned because of the supernode election mechanism;

  2. - Nodes have operational pressure. The first 21 supernodes are still in a profitable state, and top 49 nodes basically break even. But, from the 50th node, the income shows a step-down trend, and there is a situation that nodes cannot make ends meet;

  3. - The status quo of rights allocation between ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Forum) and BP (Block Producer) may be the only correct choice at this stage;

  4. RAM mechanism has defects and CPU resource consumption is too huge;

  5. The ecological structure is single, while the gambling DApps stand out;

  6. Dapp security issues need- to be urgently addressed, especially which focus on - EOS.WIN, EOSBet, EOSDice and other head projects. These Dapp’s are vulnerable to attacking techniques such as random number cracking, smart contract vulnerabilities and the use of controllable random number seeds.

Although EOS has been innovative in both technology and governance architecture, the problems that existed have only hampered the development of the project in one way or the other. While these problems need a solution, the ecological outlook of EOS still remains bright which is very well put up by the founder of EOS gravitational field, Liao Yang Yang,

-ldquo;EOS’s idea is a multi-chain form, and when EOS achieves this form, its value will really come into play. After the implementation of EOS cross-chain, the future decentralized exchange is a big trend, and its high performance also lays a foundation for the exchange.-rdquo;

Will EOS be able to achieve the desired vision and tackle these problems? Do let us know your views on the same.

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