The Chief Operations Officer of Dash, Robert Wiecko attended an interview at the Moscow Conference on April 17th where he opened up about patents, Dash, and its current placement in the market.

Tweet by DASH

Tweet by DASH

The interview began with his opinion about the dynamics of the market and how faster Dash is or rather about how the speed and development can be compared with other cryptocurrencies.

He considers the dynamics and developments within the team as massive. The team has- set up a proper legal set to actually review their work with legal advisors. They filed the defensive patent recently so they can start winning their results from now. Following which they have published many demos on all their social media channels.

He said:

“users can expect some minor releases on the dashboard, site and after that evolution, I can probably see the dynamics comparing it to the other crypto coins quite good. Frankly speaking, I don-rsquo;t follow too many projects so it is really difficult to compare to every project in the space. However, I think, within the time, space and area that we are going to cover, we are and will be quiet dynamic.”

Robert’s comments on the importance of patents to Dash:

“People need to realise that those are defensive patents so they just release them not to get everything from the community but, it actually is the other way. We are giving everything to the community, we just don-rsquo;t want this work to be hijacked. He wants everybody to be appreciated and to be recognized for their hard work in his team.”

Dash is currently trading at $446.31 after a significant volume gain of 22.6% over the week with a market cap of $3.5 billion as seen at 10:45 AM UTC. At present, the coin is trending at the 12th position on the market list.

Robert also mentioned in the end that his development team will soon release details about the upcoming project portfolios and some minor updates. In a few months, they have their biggest event release lined up for which the details will be updated soon too.

He only hinted regulations and said he wants the release to be a surprise for the community and will leave the discussion regarding the surprise release at that point, just to be sure that he won-rsquo;t leak any more information.

Brian Kelly, a Dash enthusiast says:

“Dash and its team are always underrated, I dunno why. Guys buck up! its a huge race out there and I know u can do it even better than them. So please bring some new innovations and adoptions to Dash. Awaiting it! Good Luck guys, the big release will take us high.”

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