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Meet experts from Ripple, Consensys, and more at Hard Fork Summit 2019

The Bitcoin hype may have died down, but the tech behind it definitely hasnt. With Bitcoins price on the rise again, and with major companies ...

Ripple will face “Thor’s Hammer” from the SEC

Ripple, the company behind XRP has recently come under fire from a serial Bitcoin (BTC) proponent earlier week, following the news that the company is ...

This Cryptocurrency Plunges 75% Over SEC Security View – Is Ripple’s XRP Next?

The SEC has filed an emergency lawsuit against Reginald Middleton, Verisatium Inc., and Verisatium LLC. to prevent them from spending the money raised from their ...

Ripple Price (XRP) Targets Fresh Weekly Low After Bitcoin Nosedives

Ripple price is trading in a downtrend below the $0.3000 and $0.3050 resistances against the US dollar. The price is likely to extend its decline considering ...

Ripple Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum In Gaining Regulatory Clarity in the UK

While regulatory uncertainty permeates the crypto industry currently due to the United States suddenly taking an aggressive and negative stance against the digital asset class, ...

Ripple’s XRP Current Price Decline, This Could Be the Reason

XRP has declined in price in the past few hours, and a lot of people are wondering what may have caused it. Is it due ...

Is Stellar (XLM) Still A Worthy Competitor For Ripple’s XRP?

Stellar has failed to hit the ground running in the second half of the year. The project has had little to report in terms of ...

Ripple Price (XRP) Struggling To Recover Amid Negative Sentiment

Ripple price struggled to climb above the $0.3060 level and recently declined against the US dollar. The price is trading with a bearish angle below the ...

Daily Cryptocurrency Analysis and Forecast for 12 August: XLM, ADA, and XRP

Stellar (XLM/USD) XLMUSD Chart By TradingView On an hourly chart, XLM/USD pair has been fluctuating with a bearish nature. XLM is down by 3.4%, having moved ...