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Bitfinex Adds NEO To Its Exchange Roster

Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is adding NEO to its roster of digital tokens available for trading. NEO is now available for trading against the ...


#NEO shoots up 55 percent on @bitfinex partnership, #China signs https://goo.gl/CRdgdv pic.twitter.com/jFcKONwC1g ...


NEO Price on Target to Hit $30 and More in the Coming Days http://ift.tt/2f6BrQe  ...

NEO Price on Target to Hit $30 and More in the Coming Days

After a few rough days, it appears NEO prepares to make a major comeback. We have seen a small uptrend earlier this week, but things ...

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex adds support for NEO token

After the China ICO ban earlier in the week which caused tokens of China-based open source blockchain platform NEO to lose access to Mainland China, Hong ...

PBOC “ICO ban” sees China based blockchain ecosystem NEO refund tokens

Earlier in the week on Monday, September 4th, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced the “China ICO ban” which sees to that (I) all token sales or ...