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Anxious Traders Beware: Bitcoin (BTC) May Range Sideways for Weeks to Come

Despite losing the majority of its upwards momentum over the past week, Bitcoin has been able to continue climbing higher and is now approaching the ...

Mueller Report: Russia Used Bitcoin to Fund DNC Hacks


More Than Gold: 7 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Prime ‘Digital Real Estate’

Bitcoin itself is already real estate on the blockchain by quickly emerging as the first digital property for an increasingly digital world. Bitcoin is The Most ...

Congress Slams IRS Over Bitcoin Tax Law; Here’s the Major Loophole for Crypto Investors

The United States tax deadline has came and went, and thanks to overwhelmingly confusing tax laws, crypto and Bitcoin investors are left scratching their heads, ...

4 Cryptocurrencies Having a Breakout Year Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin isnt the only cryptocurrency having a rebound year so far. Lets look at some recent strong performers that are already having a breakout year ...

How Long Will It Take for Bitcoin to Fully Expand?

Some analysts are claiming that it may take years for bitcoin and its crypto-cousins to reach their all-time highs once again. Bitcoin Is on the Move, ...

Bitcoin Price Goes 123 Days Without New Lows, Bull Market Ahead?

Bitcoin investors are ready to call $3,100-area a bottom as the cryptocurrency continues its upward trend. The Rythm Trader noted that bitcoin had gone 123 days ...

Bitcoin is Now Moving 11% Of Venmo’s Yearly Total in One Day

Bitcoin scaling solutions may be getting huge publicity in 2019, but the amount of money the network processes daily could already cause headaches for competitors. Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin Could Trade At $5,200 For Weeks, Here’s Why It’s Good For BTC

On Wednesday, Bitcoin (BTC) embarked on a slight rally, moving from its local support at $5,200 to higher levels as most other crypto assets, like ...