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North Korean dissidents are using Ethereum to overthrow Kim Jong-un

Political dissidents known as the Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD) are selling special post-liberation blockchain visas for cryptocurrency in a bid to raise funds for overthrowingKim ...

Bexplus Analyst: A Bigger Bullish Run Will Come If Bitcoin Successfully Surpass $4600

Since April 2018, its the first time for Bitcoin price to maintain a fourth consecutive week with a green candle close, reaching highs during the ...

XRP adoption goes mainstream: Users can send XRP via emails with a simple add-on

XRP adoption has been slowly gaining traction as developers are looking to integrate XRP and develop new applications which have actual use-cases. A developer, SchalaubiDev [@SchalaubiD], ...

How Belarus Focused on Bitcoin and Crypto to Grow its Tech Industry

The Belarus government used the growing popularity of bitcoin as a tool to boost its technology sector, reported ZDNet. The media agency collected quotes from people ...

Ethereum [ETH/USD] Price Analysis: Coin cheers for bear as bulls accept defeat

Days after a price rush, a portion of the cryptocurrency market seems to have calmed down. This includes Ethereum [ETH], the second largest cryptocurrency by ...

Dow Futures, Bitcoin Teeter as Markets Wait for FOMC Bounce

Neither Dow futures nor the bitcoin price showed much conviction ahead of Wednesdays US stock market open, as Wall Street pined for a dovish FOMC ...

CFTC wants to learn about Ethereum Network’s smart contract feature, says Commissioner Dan Berkovitz

Dan Berkovitz, one of the Commissioners of Commodities Futures Trading Commission [CFTC], spoke about the Commission seeking public feedback on questions pertaining to Ethereum, in ...

Where’s Ethereum 2.0 At? Vitalik Buterin Gives A Much-Needed Update

Somehow, some way, a group of crypto crusaders managed to convinced Vitalik Buterin to grace the worlds first Ethereum Supermeetup, hosted at Token2049, with his ...

Bitcoin’s inescapable, inconvenient truth

Bitcoin has a dirty secret, and the community rapidly running out of excuses forit.Its time to start making Bitcoin environmentally sustainable.When Satoshi Nakamoto created the ...