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Ross Ulbricht: BTC Will Hit the Six-Figure Mark Next Year

Ross Ulbricht the man whos serving a life sentence for developing the notorious black marketplace Silk Road is writing letters from prison and ...

Bitcoin fraud worth $ 359M caught by the Brazil Police

The Brazilian police have found what is said to be an alleged Bitcoins fraud that stole $ 359M from the sufferers. "The Brazillian state police ...

Why Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, the vast majority of both budding and experienced traders alike tend to settle for the first option. ...

Monthly Bitcoin Indicator Flips Bearish, But Still Following Path to New ATH

In the crypto market, theres an ongoing bullish bias that constantly permeates the market. However, theres no denying that the entire market, including Bitcoin, has ...

Ethereum (ETH) Bulls Keep Ceding Ground, Price Remains Highly Vulnerable

Ethereum (ETH) bulls keep ceding ground. Now that the price has declined below the $150 mark, it seems unlikely that it will break past it ...

Bitcoin’s Volatility Signals Pressure on Bulls, is $5,000 a Possibility?

Bitcoins (BTC) volatility has been at a low through 2019 as the coin recorded the most consecutive days changing 5% or less on December 13, ...

Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD breaks down, Can Drag Price to $0.20 Low

XRP Price Analysis December 13 In the XRP/USD pair, the coin is in a price range of $0.20 and $0.23. The coin is falling to ...

Extreme Fear Engulfs the Bitcoin Market, but is a BTC revival on the Cards?

The Fear & Greed Index for Bitcoin shows that traders are keeping their cards close to the chest, worried that the price may sink at ...

Bitcoin Highly Unlikely To Nose Dive To $5k Right Now, Analyst

Crypto-trader and Blockroots co-founder, Josh Rager, believes it is highlyunlikely we will see bitcoin price nosedivestraight to $5k. Whilst he doesnt rule out a drop ...