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FinCEN Issues First-Ever Civil Penalty Against Bitcoin Exchange


Bitcoin Bear Market Forces Korea’s Fifth-Largest Crypto Exchange to Close

By CCN: The bitcoin bear market might be over, but it hasnt finished claiming victims. Coinnest South Koreas fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange shut down ...

In Hindsight, Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun Could Have been ‘Pals’ At Ripple Labs

Acoincidenceis a small miracle when God chooses to remain anonymous. Albert Einstein Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and prodigy behind Ethereum (ETH) is only 25 years of ...

Bitcoin [BTC]: Financial Crime Enforcement Network raises penalty on trader for violating banking norms

The number of illegal activities in the world of digital assets has always kept law enforcement agencies on their toes. New reports revealed that the ...

Facebook: ‘Biggest on-Ramp Ever’ for Bitcoin Adoption?

By CCN: Spencer Bogart, a partner at crypto investment firm Blockchain Capital, argued in a new blog post that over the next two years Facebook, ...

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin could have been ‘Non-giver of XRP’ in an alternate universe

The cryptocurrency market has been pitching Ethereum [ETH] against XRP constantly, as the two rest at the second and the third positions on CoinMarketCap list, ...

Whales, Moon-sling Calls, But Will Bitcoin (BTC) Clear $5,500?

Bitcoin prices up 4.6 percent in the last week Bullish projection cement our assertion of shifting sentiment from bearish to bullish At spot rates, the crypto market ...

Wietse’s Effort Would Pay Dividends and Drive Ripple (XRP) To New Highs

Ripple (XRP) prices stabilize above 30 cents Adoption will propel XRP prices above the current range Wind is an advocate of Ripple, and his company is one ...