Bitcoin poised to become the currency of the future.

Billionaire Jack Dorsey reiterated his bullish outlook on bitcoin, saying the “internet is going to have a native currency,” and bitcoin will likely emerge as the winner.

Dorsey, who’s the CEO of both Twitter and of mobile-payments company Square Inc., made the comments May 16 during Blockchain Week, when more than 8,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts descended on New York City to dissect and celebrate all things crypto.

“The internet is going to have a native currency so let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen,” said Dorsey, as reported by CNBC. “I don’t know if it will be bitcoin, but I hope it will be.”

One Global Currency Within 10 Years

Dorsey, whose net worth tops $4.1 billion, previously said bitcoin will displace all currencies within the next decade.

“The world ultimately will have a single currency, the Internet will have a single currency,” Dorsey told the Times of London in March, 2018. “I personally believe that it will be bitcoin.”

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