The Coinbase scandal in the cryptocurrency space had taken up a lion’s share of the spotlight over the past week. The issues in the ecosystem were not just propagated by users of Coinbase, but also by several proponents from the field of cryptocurrencies. The latest luminary to speak about the topic was Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of and a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

In a recent tweet, Ver attacked Katie Haun from Coinbase, initiating a hashtag called #DeleteKatieHaunFromCoinbase. Ver’s animosity towards Katie Haun started in 2015, when Haun fined XRP for not making Roger Ver give a Know Your Customer [KYC] form. At the time, Roger was XRP’s angel investor and the company had considered him friendly to give him the leeway. There were many from the space who claimed that Haun had stirred the drama for her own personal gains.

Kathryn Haun had joined Coinbase’s Board of Directors in 2017, bringing her into the loop of the current controversy. There has been no comment from Coinbase’s side about Ver’s comments, but many are expectantly waiting for the rebuttal. Even Tiffany Hayden, a popular XRP proponent took Ver’s side, and tweeted,

“I knew that was a witch hunt! FinCEN caused a lot of damage to XRP.”

Steven Zeiler, another cryptocurrency enthusiast and CEO of Anypay also commented;

“Yeah man she ruined a ton of awesome work we were doing at Ripple Labs, basically out of spite for Roger investing in awesome tech that disrupts the state banking complex.”

This is not the first time that Ver has opined on the Coinbase issue as he had earlier opposed the #DeleteCoinbase campaign. He tweeted:

“Coinbase has done more to drive crypto currency adoption than just about any other company. We should be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way. Don’t #DeleteCoinbase”

Along with the above tweet, Ver even started his first attack on Kathryn Haun by claiming:

“Kathryn Haun is a former federal prosecutor responsible for sending countless people to prison for victimless crimes. To my knowledge, she has never apologized.”

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