Wietse Wind, the creator of the micropayment service, XRP Tip Bot tweeted the news that the deposits on the platform, including Coil, have surpassed the 10,000 figure in XRP. Wind also wrote that the progress is a landmark in the success journey of the STREAMing micropayments and web monetization. The post read:

“Looks like @xrptipbot’s ILP/@Coil deposits just blazed past 10 000 XRP in record time. What a great landmark for for Streaming micropayments and #WebMonetization. It will be 100 000 soon.”

He also posted the stats of the XRP TipBot deposits where the accurate number was displayed at 10475.612 XRP under Coil deposits.

Xrp Tipbot stats | Source: xrptipbot.com

Xrp Tipbot stats | Source: xrptipbot.com

Another fate-changing success was witnessed by the service when the creator developed an app for the platform that received approval from Apple and Google stores in October. The app has all the convenient features, such as show/hide balance, sync contact, browse through the transaction history and more. The app has currently reached over 2,000 activated user accounts due to the Apple and Google store approval.

Earlier this year, XRP Tip Bot saw its integration with Coil that made the STREAMing of micropayments possible. STREAM, which is an abbreviation for Streaming Transport for the Real-time Exchange of Assets and Messages means – transaction of small amounts done in a continuous flow. This could lead to exceptional services, for instance, paying only for the duration of videos that a user has streamed.

The micropayment service has also enabled users to support the websites and content they find the most credibility in. The users can also use the service to tip their family members, friends, acquaintances and artists of their choice over Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Squirrel Master, a Twitter user and a crypto-follower follower on news commented:

“Darn it. Still no ILP deposits. Maybe I need to change from adventure documentation videos to $XRP videos to capture coil users LMAO.”

Another cryptocurrency and blockchain space enthusiast, Nick also posted:

“I’m keeping track of it’s growth. Not looking bad :)”

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