Numifex enables online businesses to improve ROI with its cryptocurrency payments processor that cuts fees and expands merchants’ consumer base.

PROVO, Utah (PRWEB) May 15, 2019

Pyrofex introduces Numifex, the beta version of a fully-functional payment processor for cryptocurrency that merchants can already integrate into their websites. As more consumers realize the benefits of cryptocurrency, including increased transaction data transparency, privacy, and security, it will be incumbent upon businesses to meet these consumer demands. Merchants using Numifex receive payments directly from customers, thereby eliminating transaction fees, data harvesting, and chargebacks—all of which must be accepted when using credit card processors.

“As consumers continue to wake up to the data privacy and security risks involved with credit card payments, attraction to cryptocurrency will increase,” said Pyrofex Founder and CEO, Nash Foster. “Numifex offers an easy solution for merchants seeking to serve this growing consumer base by offering payment processing in cryptocurrency that is owned and operated by the merchant.”

Numifex currently processes payments in ETH (Ethereum’s cryptocurrency) and is planning to roll-out bitcoin processing later this month. Though it is difficult to estimate an exact number of cryptocurrency users, the number of bitcoin holders alone is likely somewhere between 13 and 32 million, and a survey of bitcoin holders found that 40% were open to...

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