On November 1st ,2008, Bitcoin was born after a man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto boldly proposing the Bitcoin model in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Nowadays, the acceptance level of Bitcoin is growing. On September 9th, 2014, eBay- American electric business tycoon,announced its payments arm Braintree began to accept Bitcoin as payment; The travel rental community Airbnb and the car rental service provider Uber also announced that they would begin to accept the virtual currency. In Beijing, a restaurant in Chaoyang Dayuecheng also introduced the Bitcoin payment service, so that consumers can pay by transferring a certain amount of bitcoins to the store’s account after they have finished their meal. It’s like bank transfers. The restaurant settled a meal worth RMB650 with 0.13 bitcoins.

The age of digital currency, led by Bitcoin, has crept in. Even if people have not really felt bitcoin trading, they have heard of Bitcoin’s name and the windfall of its investment. Many investors look forward to having Bitcoin. However, the total amount of bitcoins is capped, and its supply is far less than demand. As the mining of bitcoin becomes more and more difficult, the market begins to see a variety of other digital currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum which are similar with Bitcoin. How to choose one of the currencies for investment has become a new problem for investors.

In the face of the endless digital currencies, the editor contrasted several digital currencies that are about to be issued at present, and found that we may wish to focus on a new generation cryptocurrency -lionchain, which combines the advantages of a variety of digital currencies.

Lionchain(LNC)was born in June 2017 and is the 6th generation cryptocurrency developed successfully by Alpha Blockchain Labs after three-year research and development in the United States. The organization is made up of core members of R -amp; D teams of Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as well as professors and experts from many universities, so its technical strength is beyond doubt. It is this technical team that ensures that LNC can absorb the advantages of different types of digital currencies and give up their current shortcomings. The FCA and FINRA dual digital encryption licenses were obtained in 2017. After more than half a year of initial mining and certification, LNC will be officially launched on February 2018 to the global market.

Comparing to other currencies, LNC has a leading technology. LNC is based on the most advanced mixed block chain technology, takes the optimized Scrypt algorithm as the core, and adopts the most innovative “POW+TPOS+POSL” consensus mechanism. The intelligent contract system of LNCAI is constructed in a groundbreaking way. The system is based on P2P protocol + intelligent contract open protocol cycle system, and can achieve the registration, confirmation, transformation, exchange, betting, circulation and other more complex interactive operations of a variety of digital assets.

It is worth mentioning that the application layer, the contract layer, the logic layer, the data layer and the security layer are used in the LNC and have their own proprietary tasks. The application layer provides the user with a multi-terminal-friendly application interface, which is convenient for the user to manage the assets. The contract layer adopts the joint venture contract and the joint control contract to issue and manage the assets; The logic layer is the core of the algorithm. The data layer uses the distributed ledger + distributed computing technology to realize the detailed record of the assets issue, consumption, exchange and so on, which makes the digital currencies more transparent, compatible, traceable and no fault-tolerance. The security layer uses the military-level security defense algorithm to protect the digital assets of users.

LNC players can generate blocks by contributing computing power to the community or by promoting others to contributing computing power to the community. For each block they generate, they will be rewarded with newly created LNCs, while players can participant fair over-the-counter trading, to maintain and increase the value of wealth. At the same time, players can consume offline and online on the global commodity free trade platform which is developed by LNC independently and franchisees ,  realizing the contextualization actual use of LNC .

With the total amount of 99 million, the LNC has a much larger numerical advantage than 21 million bitcoins. Users can use LNCs to pay, accept and store any currencies.  Besides legal tenders such as Dollar, Ruble, Euro, RMB, and virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, LNC also can be exchanged with indirect currencies such as gold, silver and valuable financial derivatives. From this we can see that Lionchain is more comprehensive than the current popular bitcoin.

About the LNC’s future, Alpha Blockchain Labs team will focus on the future of LNC by focusing on business applications and living expenses. The team will create a global free trade ecosystem by docking to all kinds of businesses of shelter and food as well as cakes and ale, so that LNC players can go to all parts of the world to pay for consumption, promoting the value of LNC in circulation.

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