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Is There Any Validity to the Claim that Bitcoin Could Be a Trojan Horse, v2.0

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A Critical Thinker’s Exposition of Bitcoin

This will not be an article that gains a lot of likes because it will present a challenge for people to think and we live in a world where our thoughts have been co-opted by those that tell us what to think and trick us into believing that our beliefs are based upon our own critical thoughts. Being trapped within “the matrix” without realizing it is a constant theme I address in my vlogs, so if this topic interests you, please check out and subscribe to my youtube channel here, I could choose to write an article that would be overwhelmingly “liked” and “thumbed up” and has a chance of going viral just by repeating the most widely held beliefs about BTC , because human nature dictates that people love to hear the very things they want to be told, but then I would have to omit my most pressing concerns and any critical analysis about the rapidly growing adoption of BTC and other currencies from such an article. We should all know by now that in the financial world, when new technologies are presented as black and white, that there are always shades of grey that exist out of the scrutiny of the public eye. We have all been fooled in the past by things presented to us in the past by the banking establishment as “anti-banking”, and bankers have pooled this psychological heist upon us literally dozens of times, so our ability to be fooled again should not persist. But yet it does. Therefore, the bigger, much more complex challenge, and the one I undertook in this article, was not to regurgitate the widely-accepted “feel-good” narratives accepted by most in the BTC community, but to challenge them with a thoughtful and critical eye. Yes, I know that such an article will receive a lot more hates than likes, but the exercise of raising critical valid questions about BT that still remain unanswered or answered incorrectly today is much too important to just ignore.


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