Cryptics is a blockchain powered exchange rate forecasting platform. The platform claims to have highly functional instruments that take care of market volatility and uncertainty.

Cryptics provides liquidity on credible exchanges. The platform also brings together market players and creates systems that predict critical changes in the crypto markets.

Just recently, the co-founders of the platform, Oleg Tereshenko, and Stan Maer talked extensively about the Cryptics project in an interview. Find the excerpt below.

When asked what the significance of the platform was and what is the motivating factor behind Cryptics, the officials said that:

The whole essence of Cryptics is to give users accurate market predictions using highly effective technologies including blockchain, neural networks, AI and NLP.

This presents users with real-time data on crypt rates from reliable sources.

When asked why they thought the Cryptics platform would excel in the cryptospace they said that:

Traders often rely on instruments such as Cryptics to make market decisions. Since the entire crypto industry is very volatile and traditional tools are often not as accurate and effective,

Cryptics uses an advanced technology that collates essential information from various sources and transforms these data into valuable information for traders, enabling them to make profits in real-time.

The QRP token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform, and it allows users to purchase market forecast information, build fund infrastructures and have access to other valuables the platform has to offer.

The QRP token facilitates all transactions on the platform, while blockchain technology makes the project fully decentralized, transparent and secure.

Cryptics solution is built to have a very high accuracy rate. This will significantly help users of the platform cut down their losses and make profits. Traders will be able to make sound decisions based on reliable market information from Cryptics.

The Platform is made up of experts in the crypto market field. Therefore the platform will offer users the best at all times.

The Cryptics team believes that the future of blockchain money is bright and it is essential for the ecosystem to get favorably regulated in order to attract institutional investors.

They also stated that the more established cryptos will fade away shortly and only the coins backed by efficient models will remain.

The public resale event of QRP token begins on may 7 and runs until May 21, 2018.

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