CoolBitX, the secure crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has just announced the launch of its CoolWallet S in the United States, encouraging secure crypto storage among mainstream audiences.

CoolBitX is also announcing its partnership with the Litecoin Foundation and plans to open a US office in order to expand its American presence. The secure storage pioneer is backed by $13 million in funding so far, including a major investment by Japanese FinTech giant, SBI Holdings (previously known as SoftBank Investment).

CoolBitX is the first truly mobile secure cold storage solution for crypto holders. Until now, users have had to rely on insecure software wallets and cumbersome hardware wallet options. Software wallets are easily (and frequently) hacked due to multiple loopholes, backdoors, and constant connection to unsecured networks. Hardware wallet options to date have been clunky, and generally require a USB connection to use.

Sleek, and the size of a credit card, CoolWallet S is the first truly mobile hardware wallet. Secure features include:

  • E-ink display: Reports currency balances, seeds, currency amounts, and addresses

  • Physical confirmation button: With the tap of a button, users can confirm and authorize crypto payments

  • Secure cold storage and bluetooth connectivity: Users can spend and exchange coins on the go. No more dealing with frustrating and tangled cords or desktop access

  • 2+1 factor authentication security: Other hardware wallets on the market only use 1+1 factor authentication

  • Damage-proof: Waterproof, heat and cold resistant, and tamper-proof

  • Over-the-air updates: Currently supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens, CoolWallet S adds support for new currency each month via OTA updates for free

  • CoolBitX native iOS and Android app: Providing a user-friendly mobile dashboard to exchange, monitor, and store crypto

CoolBitX’s new partnership with Litecoin Foundation brings Charlie Lee, the Founder of Litecoin, as an official CoolBitX advisor. Together, CoolBitX and Litecoin Foundation will launch a co-branded CoolWallet S for sale exclusively during the Litecoin Summit event and on Litecoin Foundation’s website. This will grant CoolBitX access to Litecoin Foundation’s significant userbase. Moreover, Charlie Lee brings his visionary expertise in scalability and his mission to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to the partnership. In turn, the CoolWallet S will be a consumer-friendly device that will help make Litecoin go mainstream as a universal payment tool.


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