Or something like that, anyway:

Get in on the Crypto craze! A first of its kind collectible, pick up a digital bobblehead at Dodger Stadium on September 21 with a Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner or Kenley Jansen Crypto token for your Ethereum wallet. It’s the first Crypto giveaway in Major League Baseball, and believed to be the first such promotion in sports.

While supplies last at guest’s point of entry, the first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a card with a unique code and directions to a website where a digital bobblehead can be unlocked and added to their Ethereum wallet. The player Crypto token received will be randomly selected, with approximately an equal number of Kershaw, Turner and Jansen codes distributed at the stadium gates.

Ask the resident ten-year-old to explain it to you, if you must.

Or someth

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