Colorful rides the mining wave

Crypto-currency mining is not a cheap endeavor. It requires multiple graphics cards, true, but a motherboard that’s able to support them is equally important. Colorful has decided to make things easier for miners by releasing a somewhat ridiculous motherboard. This non-standard beast features the Intel LGA1151 socket, and Colorful named it C.B250A-BTC PLUS V20. Measurements-wise, we’re looking at a length of 485 mm and a width of 195 mm. This means that it likely won’t even fit in HPTX cases, but it will be perfect for custom racks. It’s not very flashy either, as it includes just the bare essentials.

The highlight comes in the form of eight PCIe x16 slots and the 2-slot spacing between each card. There’s no 24-pin power input, meaning that multiple machines equipped with this card can be powered by a single high-power PSU.

Other features

The motherboard has a single DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, a HDMI display output, a single 1 GbE network connection, and a few USB ports. There are two 4-pin ATX power inputs for the CPU, and sixteen PCIe power inputs. Eight of these can be populated at will in order to power the PCIe slots. The user can also plug-in all sixteen at any given time. The x16 slot at the very top is gen 3.0 x16, and it wires directly to the CPU. The other seven slots are gen 3.0 x1 and connect to an Intel B250 Express PCH. Colorful did not reveal any details regarding pricing at the time of writing. Considering the mining niche, it will likely cost quite a bit.

I’m sure that the product could also be used for other things except mining. Any suggestions?

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