Weiss Ratings is echoing the sentiments of the XRP community as it says Binance adding XRP as the base currency makes complete sense. The crypto rating agency seems to be taking a liking to XRP as it recently Tweeted XRP being really fast in exchange for the money.

XRP community appealing Binance to add XRP as base currency

Recently, XRP is gaining a lot of traction as a new base currency. San Francisco-based, DCEX exchange added XRP as the base currency on its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. At this time only, an Indian exchange Unocoin has also done the same thing. Before this, Bitrue has added the world-rsquo;s 3rd largest cryptocurrency as its base currency.


Now, the XRP community wants the leading digital asset exchange Binance to add XRP as the base currency. Currently, binance is using Binance (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and Tether (USDT) as the base. A few days back, an XRP enthusiast asked Binance, if it is looking into adding XRP as the base currency.


Not long after, the entire community started appealing Binance to just do it!


So, this is how it went!

One Twitter user wrote,

-ldquo;We’re on @Binance, too. With #XRP as a base we would use this exchange a lot more. XRP is great for shipping your currencies around, cheap -amp; fast. Perfect base. We avoid BTC when we can, the fees are ridiculous. BTC is a collector’s item, XRP is the best bridge. Love that coin.-rdquo;

One Redditor wrote in part, - -ldquo;XRP is a lot faster and cheaper than BTC and ETH which are the most common base pairs. It makes a lot of sense, no matter what you think of XRP.-rdquo;

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XRP is really fast to move money between exchanges –

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