Bitcoin’s popularity and brand recognition have often taken the limelight away from lesser known cryptos, most of which are slowly making major progress in terms of technology and functionality.

Ethereum Classic [ETC], one of the more recent altcoins and fork coin to Ethereum [ETH], recently announced that the intermediate Ethereum Classic Atlantis Fork upgrade was scheduled for 19th Jun 2019, on the Kotti Classic PoA testnet.

According to the corresponding statement, the scheduling of the upgrade was discussed with members of the ETC community which included core developers, exchanges and other important stakeholders in the community.

The procedure of the upgrade was discussed in detail and a timeline was released for the ECIP1054 upgrade.

The statement added that the ETC Kotti testnet and the ETC Morden test net will be activated at a block height of #716,617 and #4,729,274. The official ETC mainnet will introduce the hardfork at the block height of #8,500,000.

Some of the major improvements the Atlantis upgrade is supposed to establish on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain is related to the stability and functionality of ETC. The upgrade will consist of 10 Ethereum Improvement Proposals [EIPs], which include the likes of improvement to stability [EIP 100], Op-code upgrades [EIP 140, 211, and 214] and performance related improvements [EIP 161 and 170].

The post stated,

“The upgrade also ensures compatibility with Ethereum to promote greater collaboration between the sibling blockchains.”

Previously this year, Ethereum Classic was hit by a 51% attack, causing chaos in the community. Hence, the present development is expected to be completed 2 weeks before the deadline. The community is hopeful that the current upgrade would bring forward more investors towards the ETC market as the price predicted for the token ranged between $18 and 20$, by the end of the year.

At press time, the token was valued at $8.14 and had a market cap of under $1 billion.

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