ONE of the most annoying things about eating an avocado is taking out the stone.

In fact, earlier this year medics revealed that there has been a rise in people suffering from “guac hand” injuries, from people trying to cut open the fruit.

M-amp;S is now selling the stoneless avocados in a small number of branches

Now, Marks and Spencer has started selling STONELESS avocados, which have been dubbed the “cocktail avocado”.

They are around five to eight centimeters in length and unlike a normal avo the skin is edible.

The fleshis smooth and creamy but unlike the avos we love and know they are pale in colour.

They are result of an unpollinated avocado blossom, which develops without a seed and in turn stops the growth, giving a small, seedless fruit.

The fruit is normally grown in Spain and only available in December.

The stoneless avocados are usually snapped up by chefs and used in top end restaurants but this year M-amp;S has managed to source a limited number of them.

It’s not the first supermarket to introduce the fruit. Back in 2005 Sainsbury’s started selling stoneless ones from South Africa but they’ve since disappeared from shops.

Cocktail Avocados are available in selected M-amp;S stores now and throughout December, while stocks last, and they cost £2 per pack.

You can pick up a pack of two avocados for £1.50 from Asda and a single avocado costs 85p from Tesco.

Charlotte Curtis, M-amp;S agronomist, said: “We’ve had the mini, the giant, ready-sliced and we’re now launching the holy grail of avocados – stoneless!

“This amazing fruit has been on our radar for a couple of years and we’re very excited to have finally been able to get hold of some for our customers to try.

M-amp;S even recommend that they are nice deep fried…but that might be a step too far for us!

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