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Many of us are looking for a way today to bring in side income for their monthly incomeToday we will offer you a way to increase your monthly income by just clicking on some ads on the site

== Steps ==

# first signup from here then login with your username and password

# then you will be in the account section

#* account: you can upgrade your account to earn more

#* wallet : you can buy in website stuff like miners

#* safe: this what you keep for cashout from the website

#* points: the points you get from ads view and reffler ads views

#* refflers: you can invite freinds to earn more and win contests

# how to earn points from ads

#* click on the view ads section at the top menu

#* you will see ads you can surf and get points

#* every 24 hours you can view new ads

# how to buy miners to collect coal.bronze.silver and other

#* you will have free coal miner for 4 days

#* you can collect the miner every day after view 4 ads

#* you can buy others from clicking on buy miner

#* you can see how much it will coast you and how much it will give you every day

# how to cashout from get your first payment

#* you have yo got at least 0.02 eth to cashout from your safe to ethereum wallet outside the website

#* it has to be in your safe to get them

== Tips ==

* the safe is where you keep your own money to transfer to out of the websiteand your wallet is only for website puarches

* you can transfer ethereum from you safe to wallet by clicking on Deposit and then click Deposit from safeand choose how much you want to get

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