The dust has settled from the Bahamas Softball Federation National Round-Robin Championship Tournament, staged just a few weeks ago. The C-S Hitmen won the men’s crown and the Sunshine Auto Lady Wildcats claimed the women’s championship.

The BTC Blazers, representing Grand Bahama, went deep in the mix, into the men’s national title game but were blanked by the Hitmen, 9-0.

Nonetheless, when the Blazers met with sponsors this past Wednesday at the Pyfrom Plaza, their spirits were high. Although it was a tough loss, they were proud in presenting Vice President of Customer Experience Eldri Ferguson-Mackey and the BTC crew with the second place trophy.

Flanked by a few a members of the team, coach Desmond Dean spoke of the team’s resilience in preparing for the tournament despite some of the challenges teams are faced with on the island.

“I think we did an excellent job, considering the short space of time we had to prepare. I think the entire community of Grand Bahama is aware of the challenges that the softball association has faced this season. We were able to pull off a short season and with such short time to prepare, I think the team did an excellent job. Tony (Cooper) and myself are extremely proud of the guys for their efforts and they exhibited exemplary attitudes and behavior on and off the field.

“We could not ask any more of the guys and we look forward to continuing this in 2018.”

Cooper, also a coach for the Blazers, said that it meant a lot to the team to represent the BTC brand as they came through for the team when they needed them most.

“It meant a whole lot to us. We had challenges in terms of getting sponsors for these Nationals. But BTC came through for us and helped us out in this tournament.”

Cooper further elaborated that the group of guys showed the right kind of energy and commitment needed to make a deep tournament run.

“They’re an energetic bunch and they showed that throughout the tournament. They played with heart, they played with spirit and I’m extremely proud of the guys. They did an excellent job.”

President of the Grand Bahama Amateur Softball Association, Helena Cooper, was present with the team in New Providence and voiced that the association was pleased with the team’s effort and focus.

“Despite all of the disappointment with the lights at the Park (Grand Bahama Sports Complex) the boys played. I also want to thank Stephen Adderley and the Grand Bahama Baseball Association for allowing us to use their field (EMERA Park) to play night games so they could have had the experience of playing day and night.

“Like Mr. Cooper said this is an energetic group and they showed it. They played with heart and I am happy BTC decided to come on board with them. They were truly great representations of Grand Bahama. I went with them not knowing what to expect but I am very pleased at their performance in Nassau.”

The BTC brand was the title sponsor for the round robin tourney this year and it was even more pleasing to Mackey that BTC were the sponsors for the team out of Grand Bahama.

“Over the past few weeks or months we’ve been talking about the need to invest in sports and sporting associations in Grand Bahama and put some money back into the economy and back into the field of sports. So for these guys to be coming back home with the trophy is extremely significant because it shows there’s tons of potential here.

“They don’t do this full time. They do this in their spare time; the coaches, the players, everybody that’s on the team. So I’m encouraging the rest of Corporate Bahamas and Grand Bahama in particular to come out and support these guys. We need to build fields, we need uniforms, equipment. BTC can’t do it alone. So let’s continue to support them.”

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