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Florida Turns to Recovery as Irma Moves North: Hurricane Irma hammered almost every inch of Florida, causing wreckage in the Keys and record flooding in Jacksonville, though the state’s coasts were largely spared from the catastrophe many had feared.

Catastrophe Bonds Avoid Direct Hit From Hurricane Irma: Recent events appear likely to affect only a few, if any, of the outstanding $26 billion in cat bonds.

Three Reasons Why Irma’s Florida Strike Wasn’t as Bad as Forecast: Hurricane Irma was a powerful, sprawling storm that decimated parts of the Caribbean. But the storm didn’t obliterate Miami, inundate the Gulf Coast with excessive storm surge or destroy thousands of homes on the west coast of Florida as feared.

Why the Market Keeps Going Up and What Would Bring It Down: Big, fast-growing companies like Apple have led the recent rally, and that should continue—but when it ends, get out fast.

Apple’s iPhone Event: What You Need to Know: Apple on Tuesday will unveil the latest iPhones, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Here’s what you need to know about the company’s most important product event in years.

Hedging on the iPhone Bet: Apple is a popular stock on Wall Street. But most price targets sit well below the threshold needed to put Apple’s market value above $1 trillion.

Private Equity Bubble? What Private Equity Bubble? Record demand for private equity is prompting industry executives to take unusual action—selling all or part of their firms.

Does the Weaker Dollar Push Up Commodities Prices? Some commodities are benefiting more than others from the dollar’s weakness.

Amazon’s Big HQ2 — A Sign of Hubris and Danger: Investors are betting that Jeff Bezos will keep his magic touch, and that money plowed into expansion today represents big profits to be made some time in the future. History and human nature are against him.

Bitcoin Exchanges Shut Down by Chinese Authorities: Chinese authorities are ordering domestic bitcoin exchanges to shut down, delivering a heavy blow to once-thriving trading hubs that helped popularize the virtual currency pushing it to recent record highs.


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